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Tips for brides!


* Engagement session


- I get asked so many questions about couples sessions and how they work. "Will you pose us?" "We don't know what to do." or "We are so awkward and nervous!" My photography works the same way as video in the fact that I love movement! I direct and guide you into poses and then you take it and make it yours. I'll tell you to kiss each other on the cheeks, nose, elbows, bite her ear, lift her up and spin around, grab his booty, plus a bunch of other weird things. Keep in mind, it's not about the kiss, its about the moments before and after. I'll make you do goofy things to get those fun reactions out of both of you. Don't hold back emotions, if you feel like bursting out laughing you better do it, because I only have so many dumb jokes;)

*Time I like to shoot an hour before sunset! This is the best lighting for you and for me!

*When Save the dates are normally sent out 6 months prior to the wedding. It takes me two weeks to get your engagement photos back to you. If you aren't worried about save the dates then we can do these whenever.

* What to wear to your session - I always suggest two outfits for your engagement session. Think of the location and you chose the vibe you want for your photos. ie; If you are doing an in home session wear comfy clothes you would lounge around in. Be sure to choose outfits that you can move around in comfortably without wardrobe malfunctions.  I don't want you to feel restricted from movement because of the outfit you chose. Make sure your outfits are something you both would wear out. You don’t have to be fancy, but if that’s your personality then go for it! Just be YOU!

Colors to wear- Stick to neutral tones, or deep colors such as maroon, plum, mustard, hunter green, etc.  STAY AWAY from bright colors like neon's, fluorescent, etc. Bright colors will reflect light creating weird color casts on your skin. It also creates problems when it comes to my editing style. I also don't recommend graphic tee's as they distract from the image.

Layer it up and add texture! During those cooler temps jackets + Sweaters or Cardigans always look great. Dresses that have a good flowy form are best. Accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry, ties, etc. are always fun too! Don't forget about nice clean shoes! Make sure you are able to walk well in them. I>E If you don't ever wear heels I wouldn't suggest it for your engagement session!

I also send an outfit guide with tons of Inspo to all of my clients!

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Wedding tips


* Lets meet for coffee! I love getting to meet my brides before the wedding day to chat about details and set up a plan for your wedding day. This also helps me learn the vibe you are going for.

*A few months leading up to the wedding I will send out a day of questionnaire! Filling this out completely will help me create your day of timeline. This will map out when I will get there and who needs to be where and at what time for photos.

* What time should you have your ceremony? Google what time sunset is and make sure to plan at least an hour and a half before that so that we have enough light for couples photos after!

*Getting ready can be such a beautiful time to get those genuine pre-wedding shots. Sometimes energy is ruined by aesthetic. A cluttered, messy, dark room takes away from genuine moments happening and the beauty of the morning. 
I know there is a lot going on in the bride and groom suites but try and keep clutter to a minimum so we aren't having to move and hide things come time for "getting ready" photos. 
Well lit rooms are happy rooms! Having naturally
 lit rooms makes for the best photos!

*The only 'shot list' I need is your family groups list. If the bride will get with both sides and have each side list out what family group shots they are wanting. This will make things easier on everyone. It will also get you back to your reception faster!

*Golden hour photos!
If you want those magical photos with beautiful light its key that you save time for the golden hour portraits. Golden hour is 1 hour before sunset you can google any day of the year to figure out when this is and plan accordingly. I always try and plan for this in your timeline!

* Remember to have fun! Wedding days go by so fast, so take a movement to breath and to absorb everything that is happening! Don't sweat the small stuff because in the end its not going to really matter. I want to help make your day the best day possible! So always let me know if I need to be the bad guy day of and kick people out of the bridal suite or hurry up a family member/someone in the bridal party! 


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