Hello there, I am so happy that you are considering booking with me! Before you scroll down to pricing you are going to want to read this.

As your photographer, I'm all about documenting the raw, genuine moments and emotion that you will cherish for the rest of your lives! Super posed, stiff, and awkward poses are not really my style. My jam is capturing the loud laughter, the quiet emotional moments, the happily unplanned moments, the ones you’re there for and the ones you miss! For your wedding I want to capture the details big and small. I want to capture those breath taking portraits that you want to show off and hang up all over your home. I want to give you images that you’ll look back on again and again that will take you back to these precious moments.

“After the wedding is over, the flowers have wilted, and the food is all eaten, your photographs are the ONE thing that remain from your wedding day that will last forever. Investing in a talented person who will give you the images you’ll still love in 50 years AND that you genuinely enjoy being around is priceless...”

Thank you so much for your inquiry! Please tell me a little bit about yourself, what type of shoot you are looking for, and if you have a location in mind! I would love to make your vision a reality! 

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